Architecture & Design

Our 22 years of industry experience has allowed us to assist you with various stages of your project built: feasability, architecture & interior design.


CM Architects have worked with commercial clients on a wide range of projects from new hotels, medical centres, mixed use, retail, churches and schools.

A client may own land that they wish to develop into a new project and want to understand what can be built based on the Town planning and Building Code requirements and restrictions.

Alternately, a client may have a type of project they wish to create and are looking at a few different site to understand which site will be suit that particular development.

We work closely with Town Planners and Civil engineers to highlight the opportunities and challenges that a site presents and provide a succinct and thorough report, plans and areas summaries to assist in client’s making decisions about whether to proceed further with a development.

We also realise that sometimes these Feasibility Studies are required quickly if the opportunity for the purchase of land has a limited time frame and we can respond deftly to requests.

Site Feasibility services that we provide include the following:-

  • Local government planning legislation and zoning
  • Site setbacks, plot ratios and site coverage and height restrictions
  • Massing studies of the building envelope for a site
  • Site specific restrictions such as easements, heritage overlays or environmental issues
  • Car parking requirements and innovative alternatives
  • GFA and NLA summaries and floor plate efficiencies for different site arrangements
  • liaising with Town Planners to confirm likely outcomes and recent test cases
  • discussing the site with a civil engineer to determine if sewer and stormwater issues are going to impact the site
  • Reviewing access and general traffic flow to identify if there are any issues with site access

We generally provide Site Feasibility Services on an hourly rate basis so please contact us if you are interested in understanding the possibilities for a site.


Great Architecture is mostly achieved when a client, architect and the design team have a shared vision for a project and shared values about how to deliver that vision.

Large commercial projects are a team effort and the complex projects are delivered when the full team have a clear focus on the goals and key outcomes of the client.

The CM Architects team understands that clients’ goals may be complex and we can assist with navigating the development process from site feasibility through to the completion of construction.

We can provide a full services or selective services as listed below:-

  • Site Feasibility and Analysis
  • Pre-concept and client brief preparation
  • Masterplans for sites across multiple stages
  • Unique values proposition analysis of the project
  • Concept Design
  • Full Concept design reports for Board approval
  • Sun shading and shadow diagrams for Development Applications
  • Sustainability briefs and vision for the project
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency concepts and options
  • Design development
  • Structural and services design reviews
  • Design consultant team co-ordination and management
  • Safety in Design reporting
  • Tender Documentation
  • Contractor short listing and selection
  • Tender analysis and reports
  • Construction Documentation
  • Construction Administration
  • Post contract services

It is our continued focus on the client goals throughout the lifetime of a project which is why client’s come back to us again and again to work with us to deliver their visions.

CM Architects would love to speak with you about your commercial project.

Interior Design

Interior spaces have such an impact on the way people feel and how they experience their environment as a whole.

We as designers start the process of interior design by delving into the clients’ brief to understand what is at the heart of a project and how the key elements of the interior environment could be crafted to enhance those goals.

We believe that interior design and architecture are inherently intertwined and both can enhance each other. Texture, materials selection, colours and a mood board are collated early on in the design to create a unique space purpose designed for the occupants and the site.

We also research new materials as they emerge and review the sustainability credentials of materials to understand their recyclable content, if they are a rapidly renewable materials and whether they are low or no VOC gas emittance.

Healthy people starts with healthy interior environments and the more natural products that can be incorporated into the design the better.

Maintenance and longevity is also important for commercial interior design to ensure that the products and materials can withstand wear and tear and still look good 5 years on.

CM Architects have designed hotels, apartments, medical centres, retail and office interiors and we would love to have the opportunity to work with you.

Our commercial interior design services include the following:-.

  • Pre-design brief creation
  • Existing interior space analysis and floor plate efficiency
  • COVID safe interior with social distancing metrics
  • Concept design and mood boards
  • Furniture and materials selections
  • FF&E Schedules
  • Room data sheets
  • Safety in design for interiors
  • Lighting design and selections
  • Furniture and joinery design and selections
  • Specialist features detailing
  • Materials research and sustainability review
  • Co-ordination with services and structural engineering
  • Consultant management
  • Specialist finishes schedules
  • Tender documents and packages for trades
  • Liaison with fit-out contractors
  • Tender management and reports
  • Construction quality inspections


I’m not sure where to start. Can I chat with you?

Yes! We are happy to talk with you about your project and what services we can offer.
You can either call us or email with your questions and then we can follow up with some details about how we can work together.

Can first home buyers use an architect?

Yes! If you have found land and you wish to design and build a house that is designed particularly for your requirements and lifestyle then we can work with you to realise that dream.

If you have purchased a house and land package the developer will have standard homes that you will most likely need to choose from, but they may be flexible about that so speak with them before you finalise your purchase so you can be clear about what you can and can’t achieve on the land.

What is the process to engage in your service?

Initially Carolyn or one of our team members will meet with you in person at the site of the project to discuss the details and then we will provide a detailed proposal outlining the process, stages of the project, likely time-line and fees.

How much does it cost for an architect?

Our fees vary depending on the complexity of the project. We can work with you on small renovations up to large commercial projects. It is free to enquire so why not contact us to find our what our fees for your project would be rather than assuming that it will be too expensive. Our fee proposals and the initial meeting are free of charge.

I’m not in Brisbane, are you able to work on my project?

Yes! We are working on projects across Australia and in Fiji currently.
With all of the great communication tools available to us these days conducting work remotely has never been easier.

We would commence discussions over the phone, email, skype, zoom or facetime to understand your project requirements, details about the site and how we can best work to achieve your vision and goals.

If required, travel to the site can be accommodated within the fees on an as needs basis and the remainder of the project including design meetings, tendering to builders and construction queries can be undertaken remotely.

We find if the details about the ‘how’ are discussed and agreed early then the project can run quite smoothly.
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