Our Process

Architects offer a comprehensive service, but getting started should not be complicated. Let us walk you through how to get started.

The Introduction

The selection of an Architect is not something that people take lightly. Often the project has been in the client’s mind for many years before an architect Is approached to discuss where to start.

We believe that a personal approach is required form the initial introduction to listen to your ideas, your plans for the particular site, project or building and then discuss what services you require.

We provide this initial meeting as a complimentary service to understand the project, your goals as the client and visit the physical site to understand the environmental issues that can enhance and impact the design.

Set up an appointment to talk with us and discuss your options. We can help you maximise your budget and vision.

Some of the things we can discuss include:-

  • Your project goals, ideas and vision
  • The site location and particular elements or features that are of interest
  • Role of the architect in the project
  • The different services we offer
  • Description of our recent experiences with similar projects and issues for consideration
  • Explanation of the process that projects go through from conception to completion
  • How long the process might take
  • What level of time and involvement you wish to have in the project
  • Who the client decision makers are and what approvals processes are required
  • Approximate costs for our services- we will provide a full proposal after the initial meeting with costs outlined clearly
  • Past client references and what they say about working with us
  • How often we will meet
  • The design programme you would like to achieve
  • Your project budget
Achievable Possibilities


Once we have met to discuss your project, we can help determine what skills and services we can provide to help you achieve your vision.

This is a very exciting time commencing the project and we will be gathering a lot of information about your goals, the site, the planning and code regulations and the opportunities and challenges.

As a first step, you might require a site feasibility study to determine which of a few sites will best suit your project. We can provide a comprehensive review of a number of sites and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each, what your achievable building footprint would be and an area summary for each site.

You can read more about our site feasibility services in the ‘services’ section of our website.

Getting creative

Your Vision

The project may involve a large and complex architectural design which will require more time investigating the client brief and providing a return brief to ensure the goals and vision are clear before any design or drawing commences.

Shared goals and a project vision are so important for the client and design team to understand and to revisit throughout the project to keep the focus on the vision.

Your project might be the design of a new interior space and we can get creative with finishes, interior concepts and the imagining of a totally new interior environment to excite and exceed your expectations.

We have detailed our full range of available services in the ‘Services’ section of the website.


I’m not sure where to start. Can I chat with you?

Yes! We are happy to talk with you about your project and what services we can offer.
You can either call us or email with your questions and then we can follow up with some details about how we can work together.

Can first home buyers use an architect?

Yes! If you have found land and you wish to design and build a house that is designed particularly for your requirements and lifestyle then we can work with you to realise that dream.

If you have purchased a house and land package the developer will have standard homes that you will most likely need to choose from, but they may be flexible about that so speak with them before you finalise your purchase so you can be clear about what you can and can’t achieve on the land.

What is the process to engage in your service?

Initially Carolyn or one of our team members will meet with you in person at the site of the project to discuss the details and then we will provide a detailed proposal outlining the process, stages of the project, likely time-line and fees.

How much does it cost for an architect?

Our fees vary depending on the complexity of the project. We can work with you on small renovations up to large commercial projects. It is free to enquire so why not contact us to find our what our fees for your project would be rather than assuming that it will be too expensive. Our fee proposals and the initial meeting are free of charge.

I’m not in Brisbane, are you able to work on my project?

Yes! We are working on projects across Australia and in Fiji currently.
With all of the great communication tools available to us these days conducting work remotely has never been easier.

We would commence discussions over the phone, email, skype, zoom or facetime to understand your project requirements, details about the site and how we can best work to achieve your vision and goals.

If required, travel to the site can be accommodated within the fees on an as needs basis and the remainder of the project including design meetings, tendering to builders and construction queries can be undertaken remotely.

We find if the details about the ‘how’ are discussed and agreed early then the project can run quite smoothly.
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