Enhancing client visions into exciting architectural reality

Lautoka Residence

A resort style tropical residence

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Design Aesthetic as Branding

St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church Hall interior finishes - Brisbane

The 'kokoshnik' element is based on the traditional Russian headdress worn by women and identifies with Russian culture

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Interior Design Bringing the Outside In

Tritvam Apartments - Kochi, India

Cross ventilation is crucial when designing sub-tropical apartments

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Carolyn McLean Architects

We are a company based on more than a decade of national and international experience. We have completed projects in Dubai, India, Fiji and Malaysia. Our designs are based on strong Initial Concepts and vision, global design research, site-specific climatic response and a strong focus on the end-user/client.

Based in Brisbane, we have a focus on sub-tropical architecture and multi-dwelling projects. We provide professional and creative means to successfully merge exterior and interior spaces.

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I’m not sure where to start. Can I chat with you?

Yes! We are happy to talk with you about your project and what services we can offer. You can either call us or email with your questions and then we can follow up with some details about how we can work together.

Can first homebuyers use an architect?

Yes! If you have found land and you wish to design and build a house that is designed particularly for your requirements and lifestyle then we can work with you to realise that dream. If you have purchased a house and land package the developer will have standard homes that you will most likely need to choose from, but they may be flexible about that so speak with them before you finalise your purchase so you can be clear about what you can and can’t achieve on the land.

What is the process to engage your services?

Initially Carolyn or one of our team members will meet with you in person at the site of the project to discuss the details and then we will provide a detailed proposal outlining the process, stages of the project, likely time-line and fees.

How much does it cost for an architect?

Our fees vary depending on the complexity of the project. We can work with you on small renovations up to large commercial projects. It is free to enquire so why not contact us to find our what our fees for your project would be rather than assuming that it will be too expensive. Our fee proposals and the initial meeting are free of charge.

I’m not in Brisbane, are you able to work on my project?

Yes! We are working on projects across Australia and in Fiji currently. With all of the great communication tools available to us these days conducting work remotely has never been easier. We would commence discussions over the phone, email, skype, zoom or facetime to understand your project requirements, details about the site and how we can best work to achieve your vision and goals. If required, travel to the site can be accommodated within the fees on an as needs basis and the remainder of the project including design meetings, tendering to builders and construction queries can be undertaken remotely. We find if the details about the ‘how’ are discussed and agreed early then the project can run quite smoothly.
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