ENEC Housing Development

2010 - Housing proto-type, Mixed Use Development, Abu Dhabi, UAE

A number of different housing typologies were designed as part of this mixed use Government development in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Key features include shading to glazing to reduce heat gain, private internal courtyards, Mashrabeya geometric patterned screens and flexible interior spaces.

Whilst working with Woods Bagot in Dubai, I led the Architectural team designing a range of housing typologies for an Abu Dhabi government organisation out in the Emirati desert.

Key design considerations were climatic control to make the houses as cool as possible. Overhanging upper level elements provided a strong aesthetic as well as shading to the lower walls. Minimal glazing to the south, east and west was incorporated as well as internal garden courtyards.

Privacy was essential, particularly for the local women. Geometric screening to glazing was a design device that we used to screen direct views into the houses.

Capturing breezes and directing them into spaces was also critically important to try and reduce the reliance on AC in the spring and autumn months. Windows and screens created cross ventilation of all rooms wherever possible.

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