Heritage Building interior renovation

Working in one of Brisbane’s oldest buildings was a complete joy!  Our design intent was to enhance the beautiful old features of the building while making it more comfortable and convenient for tenants. The works included the following:-


-New frameless glass balustrade to the stair

-careful cleaning of the old walls which have years of graffiti and history showing the different tenants over the years and providing a clear ‘graffiti’ seal so that the walls can be kept dust free

-Polishing the existing timber floor and oiling the boards back to original condition

-installing new carpet to sound recording / talent auditioning areas which require an additional level of sound insulation.

-New bathrooms and kitchens accentuating the existing rough texture walls


Keeping the old walls but providing a clear matt ‘Graffiti’ seal so that the walls can wiped clean and dust from the walls is reduced. Art Deco style herringbone carpet was installed with white, grey and black colours. The soft grey in the carpet matches the grey paint colour used for the door architrave and skirting trims.


Two new bathrooms and one kitchenette were also designed within the building and the design intent was to celebrate the old walls and make a clear distinction between the old and new. The new walls are white and clearly new against the old / original.

The rear wall of the bathroom was kept in original condition and a vanity place against it where the plumbing was possible. A large circular mirror and metal pendant lights finish the design.

The kitchenette was placed 90 degrees to the original wall with charcoal coloured joinery to pick up on some of the darker elements of the original wall.

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