Hilton Double Tree

CM Architects was invited by the Vision Group to design a new Hilton Double Tree Hotel as part of an Expression of Interest for a strategic site located on the Suva CBD waterfront in Fiji. OUR ENTRY WAS THE WINNER OF THE EXPRESSION OF INTEREST BY SUVA CITY COUNCIL.

The design included a proposed new Suva Tourist Centre at the key ground floor corner which is close to the Overseas Passenger Terminal and easy access to large cruise ships frequenting the harbour to learn more about Fiji’s history and culture.

Ground level concierge, hotel reception and Suva Tourist information centre
10 levels of Hotel rooms
3 levels of offices
Elevated pool deck
Rooftop restaurant

Key design elements include:-

Recycled metal façade
Glass external lift to provide suva harbour views as you move up the building with solar pv to power the lifts
Benchmark sustainable tropical building with lush garden at the pool deck, landscaped rooftop restaurant, natural ventilation to all hotel rooms, solar pv, low voc materials and water efficient fittings
Rapidly renewable materials such as bamboo flooring and linen
Sugarcane waste turned itno bio-ethanol fuel used to power a fuel cell to provide renewable energy

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