Rammed Earth feature walls in architecture

How to incorporate Rammed Earth into your design project

Rammed Earth can be a great material to provide warmth and texture in new architecturally designed homes and renovations. But does it have other benefits?

Yes, possibilities of this material can not only provide a visually exciting space but also improved energy performance through thermal mass keeping your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It can be used as a structural wall and is a sustainable natural material which can help create a healthy home.

When designing the Beachport House, our clients wanted to reconnect with the red earth of Kakadu and Katherine so once they moved back to South Australia we decided to incorporate a beautiful 6m high rammed earth wall through the middle of the house with a red oxide in the cement mix to recall their time in the NT.

Steel and timber staircase beside rammed earth wall

We also recently incorporated a more sandy coloured rammed earth feature wall into a new renovation in Nundah, Brisbane. Here the wall was used to create an exciting new entry to an older home with a completely contemporary new aesthetic.

curved Rammed Earth wall feature
Rammed Earth construction underway

But in contemporary Australian Architecture there are many other important considerations into what materialsĀ  could be incorporated to provide a sustainable, energy efficient design.

So here are five benefits of using Rammed Earth

  1. Thermal mass and insulation
  2. Natural material with great texture
  3. Can be Structural
  4. Fire safe
  5. Great acoustic properties

For more information on specialist rammed earth builders we can recommend the following websites:-


Rammed Earth Constructions


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