Durella house, Brisbane

Multi-family living is a growing trend in residential housing in Australia. The benefits of learning from other generations, supporting the raising of children and looking after the elderly all make this a very viable decision for many families.

CM Architects have designed this multi-family house in Brisbane and key to the design is the following features:-

-separate and private large bedrooms with ensuites and robes to allow for retreat and privacy when required

-a large central living/kitchen / dining for family gatherings od 8-10 people

-a large commercial kitchen and pantry space for cooking for large numbers including commercial grade ovens, fridges and dishwashers

-an open air outdoor kitchen and bbq area linked to an outdoor terrace where food can also be enjoyed without causing smoke and steam inside the house

-small pool and rear garden for relaxing in

-rooftop terrace to provide a ‘nursery’ space for the clients’ love of giant Bonsai trees

-Basement workshop area for carpentry and spaces for art and craft work and hobbies

-Garaging for 4-5 cars and a boat

-wine cellar and laundry suitable for a large family

The Giant Bonsai trees will be located in the front and rear garden as well as on the roof top terrace and will be a feature of the house.

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